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International Customers

***Please read below for International information before purchasing***

International Prescription Verification:

For International orders, we are not required to verify a prescription -or- contact lens fitting from your "Eye Care Provider" -or- "Eye Care Professional", and you can order from us without going through this process.  However, we recommend getting a contact lens fitting and discussing the purchase with them.  Although the lenses we offer are FDA-Cleared, it can still be dangerous if you're not properly educated on how to use contact lenses, and if they are not a proper fit.

International Shipping Information / Shipping Policy

We currently ship locally to the United States, and also Internationally to the high majority of countries.  We are in the process of adding additional countries.  However, if we do not currently ship to your country when you try to place your order, you can contact us and ask if we can maybe add your country.

Canada Note:  For any Canada orders, we are not able to ship any custom-made contact lenses.  So, you cannot order the two following brand:(Custom SFX).  You will be able to order all other brands.

Import laws and regulations.

As the buyer, you are solely responsible for any import restrictions, prohibited import items, taxes, tariffs, fees, delays, and other duties.  We will not be liable for any of the aforementioned, or for packages refused or held for delivery, or any losses or cost incurred by you, the customer.  You can check with your country's customs office department regarding your country's current importation policies, and the import policy of costume contact lenses products.

Country Restrictions.  Due to high fraud, lost shipments or other circumstances; reserves the right to refuse service, or to stop delivering to specific countries.  If you you are unable to purchase from your country during check-out, please feel free to contact us for a possible exception.

International Shipping Methods / Shipping Rates / Shipping Times

We ship with the United States Postal Service(USPS) for international orders.  Our shipping rates are some of the fairest rates in the cosmetic contact lens industry, consisting of 3 shipping options: (First Class Package International, Priority Mail International, and Priority Express Mail International).  We generally set flat rates for each specific country, and for each specific shipping method.

If you get a message of the sort: "Unfortunately one or more items in your cart can't be shipped to your location, please choose a different delivery address." -- That means we currently don't ship to your country.  You can then contact us to see if we can add your country and make an exception.

Here is the list for our USPS International shipping methods and times(on average):

  • USPS (Priority Mail Express International) / 3-5 Business Days + processing time 
  • USPS (Priority Mail International) / 6-10 Business Days + processing time
  • USPS (First Class Package International) / Varies by Destination + processing time

Shipping Times advertised by United States Postal Service(USPS) are estimates once the order has left from our warehouse.  It does not include warehouse processing time, rare prescription(Rx) orders, or custom SFX lens orders; all of which will extend the process.  International shipping times also DO NOT include possible customs delays.

Warehouse Processing Time use modern technology in conjunction with our warehouse to get shipments out as fast as possible.  For International orders, most lenses usually ship out within 1 - 3 business days.  Therefore, with all things factored in: warehouse processing time, rare prescription orders, and also USPS transit times/method/destination -- most lenses can take anywhere between 1 - 4 weeks before delivery.  If ordering from a major international market with our faster priority mail international option, the majority of orders should take 1-2 weeks.  However, we have an Optional $10.00 Rush Processing Fee for *custom SFX lenses*.  Selecting this option will speed up the warehouse processing times stated below for about 1 to 2 weeks for these specially-made lenses -- serving as a great solution if you need your lenses sooner.

When ordering *Custom SFX* contact lenses, these professional-styled brand lenses can take anywhere from 10 - 30 business days before they are shipped.  Please understand, *Custom SFX* lenses are custom-made and hand-painted with intricate detail with every order.  These are professional quality lenses like the ones made for movies; and in addition to the hand-paints, have to go through additional processes to get the final product.  Therefore, with all things factored in: custom hand-paints, lens inspections, warehouse processing time, rare prescription orders, and also USPS transit times/method/destination -- *custom SFX lenses* can take anywhere between 3 to 7 weeks for international delivery.  If ordering from a major international market with faster priority mail shipping option, the high majority of orders should take 2-5 weeks.

Adding our $10.00 Rush Processing Fee for Custom SFX lenses can reduce the aforementioned warehouse processing times by 1-2 weeks.

Please note: September and October is busy season for the type of lenses we sell due to Halloween.  Therefore, any of these aforementioned times can be extended.

See our returns policy for more information.