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Custom SFX Lens Info

Custom SFX contacts are a popular brand, highly reputable in the industry, and worn by tens of thousands of people every year.  Other theatrical/FX lenses are machine stamped.  These high-quality lenses are *custom-made & hand-painted*, adding for a more intricate design and movie-quality appeal, providing for a more realistic & professional look.

Custom SFX lenses are commonly used in the film and entertainment industry, Halloween businesses, the beauty industry; are ideal for special effects makeup artists, movie production, theatre performancebody painters, photo-shoots, models, Halloween, haunts, cosplay, raves, costume parties, anime events, Goth clubs, or just to make an impact!

Brand lenses popularity, material, fda-clearance status, corneal size, comfort level, DIA, and lens fitting info.

Made up of 55% Methafilcon material, Custom SFX lenses are both flexible and durable offering strength and damage resistance.  This unique polymer gel-like material is constructed to better conform with the natural shape of your eyes. The remaining portion of the lenses are made up of 45% water providing optimal hydration for your eyes for ultra comfort and long wear duration.  This is beneficial, especially for our for higher DIA(diameter) lenses, or sclera based lenses.

Custom SFX lenses start at 15.0 mm DIA, and go all the way up to 22.0 mm DIA.  All of out Custom SFX Diameters range from:(15.0, 16.0, 18.0, 20.0, & 22.0) mm.  15.0 and 16.0 sizes shall be considered corneal, and generally anything 18.0 and above shall be considered sclera-based lenses.  Sclera based lenses should NOT be worn for more than a few hours at a time without taking a break -- meaning these type lenses cover the majority of the eye, including a large part of the sclera -- so it is important that you give your eyes time to breath.  Also, Custom SFX lenses come in the following base-curves(BC): 8.6 and 9.0. All diameter's(DIA) listed above come in the 8.6 base-curve(BC), with the exception of 22.0 mm, which comes in 9.0 BC.

And it is also important that you check with your "Eye Care Professional" about what your wear-time duration should be as every one's eyes are different.  With proper care, Custom SFX lenses can be kept for up to one (1) year of occasional use after opening the vial(s).

Don't fall victim to others!  Custom SFX contacts are high quality, FDA-cleared, long lastingcomfortable, and safe to wear with proper care and use.  A True Win..Win..Win!

Custom SFX lenses are cleared through the FDA, and we're in full compliance with the Federal Contact Lens Rule.  BEWARE of buying contact lenses elsewhere if they do not ask for a prescription or seek approval from your Eye Care Provider -or- wherever you got a "contact lens fitting" -- because they're selling them illegally.  Plus, you don't know what you're getting if they haven't been approved by the FDA. In which case, their lenses can be made in China with cheap materials that can be damaging to one's eyes & vision. Bottom Line: Don't take chances with your EYES!  Click this link to see our full-line of Custom SFX contact lenses.

* But Wait!! I've NEVER worn contacts.. and Don't have an Eye Care Provider..

What you need to do is get a "Contact Lens Fitting" with an eye care provider or eye care professional -- even if ordering non-corrective lenses or have perfect vision.  The information from your contact lens fitting will be on file in their office and will be used in the prescription/approval process when we verify this with them. If you've done this, go ahead and order your lenses.

NEED HELP with getting a CONTACT LENS FITTING?  Then contact us by clicking here as we can help you get a "contact lens fitting" in the fastest, and most cost-efficient way possible.  Just provide us with your "Address" & "Contact Lenses" you're interested in.