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Yellow FX Contacts

Yellow Special Effects Contact LensesThere is a saying to "never trust anyone with yellow eyes".  One may find it a little chilling, eerie, or distressing staring into yellow eyes of bipedal creatures.  Yellow eyes are a 'real attention getter', and can have a disturbing effect on human emotions.  It is known that babies cry more often when people with yellow eyes pick them up and hold them.

Yellow really stands out when paired with black; this powerful color-combo resonates in our subconscious as a warning for mortals to stay far away -- sort of how we react with bees.  Dingy or dull colored yellow eyes personify creatures that are sick, decaying, dying, or exemplifying caution.  These type of eyes make a great pairing for elderly characters, possessed souls, starving zombies, or vampires with the need to feed.

Yellow eyes can also stimulate pleasant and cheerful feelings when paired with the right color makeup or costumes; a good example would be avatar creatures with bright yellow eyes and blue iridescent skin.  The ideas are endless with the amount of 'characters' and 'creatures' you can create with yellow special effects contact lenses.  It's really dependent on the 'shade' & 'style' of yellow FX contacts being worn, and with what makeup effect it's paired with.

Below are a wide variety of yellow fx contact lenses: everything from birds-eyes -to- vampires and scarecrows -to- anime/manga characters.  Create some professional looking characters and creatures for the stage, movies, Halloween, haunts, cosplay, Goth clubs, or just creeping the heck out of people.  Use your imagination. Have Fun!

Don't fall victim to others!  Our FX contacts are high quality, FDA approved, and costs that are unmatched in the industry.  And that's not all!  We have an easy prescription verification process in place that is 'eye care professional' friendly.