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Werewolf Contacts

Werewolf contact lensesAllow your 'inner-beast'.. your 'inner animal' to finally break out of it's human shell.  Get down on all fours.. tilt your head back.. take in a nice deep breath.. and let out a LONG.. HARD.. HOWL...  tapping into your 'inner beast wolf' that's been suffering & trapped like a dog inside a bird cage.  We are all werewolves at a deep down level.  Time to set the beast free, and let your inner wolf cry out!

Werewolves are extremly powerful creatures that possess super-human speed and strength.  They are very 'confident' & 'charismatic' as depicted in many films and literary works.  Werewolves are also immune to damage caused by ordinary weapons, with the exception of silver-based weapons.  Isn't this what we all deeply long for?  Power. Confidence. Charisma. Immunity. Super-human Speed & Strength.

Below is a list of werewolf contact lenses that you can have a lot of fun with; from customized lenses for more professional looks, to more economical versions for simple makeup effects.  Great styles & colors fitting for: makeup effects, body paints, haunt attractions, costumes, theater, Halloween, movies, SFX, or wild role-playing fun.

Don't fall victim to others! Our FX contacts are high quality, FDA cleared, and a prescription verification process in place that's 'Eye Care Professional' friendly.