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Specialty Corrections

Finally!.. The industries *top brand* in FX contact lenses, Gothika steps up to the plate meeting the demand of the most extreme cases of Rx-prescriptions, ranging from -20.00 Rx  to +20.00 Rx and everything in between.

These specialty correction FX contacts are NOT industry standard Rx, which normally the standard is:(-0.25 to -6.00).  If you are within this standard range, then save on the expense by clicking here at our standard FX corrections(-0.25 to -6.00) link page -- as the specialty corrective lenses featured on this page are a little more expensive due to the custom-design process to fit your Rx/prescription.  But of course, there are some lens styles that we only feature as a specialty correction, and not as as standard correction.  In which case, you would be on the correct page.

Also, if you have Hypermetropia(far-sighted), meaning your contact lens prescription requires +positive powers, then you are on the correct page.  However, we do have Custom SFX correction contacts which go up to +4.00 power, which you can check out by following that previous link.

So, generally, this page is for anyone that is myopia(minus powered), ranging from -6.25 to -20.00 or is Hypermetropia(far-sighted), ranging from +0.25 to +20.00.  Unless of course, we are sold out in the "standard Gothika lens" you're interested in, and we also feature that lens here, then this page is also for you.

Don't fall victim to others! Our FX contacts are high quality, FDA-cleared, 1-year lenses. And we have the *stamp or approval*, which serves as a prescription verification process in place that's 'eye care professional' friendly.