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Orc Contacts

orc movie quality contact lenses for cosplay, Halloween, body paints, or film production.

From film production -to- theatrical acts and cosplay events -to- Halloween makeup — allow your imagination to break free with Orc special effects Contacts.  Below you will find a variety of Orc contact lenses to accentuate the looks of your makeup & costume effects.  Create some wicked, monstrous Orc creatures ranging from: Crazed Orc Berserkers -to- Blackgate Orc solgiers and Gundabad Orc Warriors -to- Brute Uruk-Hai.  Bring these fictional Orc creatures & characters to life, while creating some movie-quality makeup effects that are sure to get you the attention you deserve.

Don't fall victim to others! Our FX contacts are high quality, FDA approved, and costs that are unmatched in the industry. And that's not all!  We have an easy prescription verification process in place that is 'eye care professional' friendly.

IMAGE ATTRIBUTION:  Orc Creatures costume/makeup effect photos in top post image provided by the following professional makeup artists & cosplayers, starting from left to right: Cave Orc by Red Dragon LordMoria Orc by Jerry Garrido Fx / Lurtz by 6Black9Modification for all 3 images: Added in:(orc lenses, different background, & surrounding text/link logo).