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Gray FX Contacts

Gray Special Effects Contact LensesReality is not black and white, just different shades of gray.  Considered a neutral, balanced, and restful color that seems detached, emotionless, and isolated; and can affect the mind with 'unsettling' and 'spooky' feelings.  Which is why gray is commonly seen in eye colors of zombies, ghosts, and demons.

The energy of gray imparts void, and is often associated with loss, depression, and moody blues; so gray FX lenses can pair well goth & metal makeup.  Gray eyes can also have a nice 'cooling' effect when next to other vibrant colors.  Common traits among Gray-eyed creatures and characters tend to be powerful leaders whom are strong in nature, yet very wise and gentle; a 'true leader' combination unfortunately not all too commmon in this realm.  Gray eyes tend to associate well with gray hair of 'the wise' and 'the elderly', reflecting maturity, responsibility, and true widom.

Pair gray special effects contact lenses with any of these attributes to bring your characters & creatures to life.  From the zombie undead -to- the stitches metal head, and the true wise man -to- the anime superhero, you're ready for the next movie production, cosplay event, costume party, anime expo, halloween, stage performance, metal concert, lounging at the goth club, or creating your next SFX creature.

Don't fall victim to others!  Our FX contacts are high quality, FDA approved, and costs that are unmatched in the industry.  And that's not all!  We have an easy prescription verification process in place that is 'eye care professional' friendly.