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Goth/Metal Contacts

Goth and Heavy Metal Contact LensesWelcome to the domain of all things Goth & Heavy Metal. Whether you're a devoted goth, or a die-hard metalhead, one thing is clear -- although many consider these two subcultures(Goth & Heavy Metal) as separate entities, one cannot dispute the similarities. Goths & Metalheads resonate with all things things gloom, doom, dark & spooky!

Goths and metalheads tend to go against all fashion trends, dressing in a conspicuously 'dark' and 'morbid' fashion; and wearing black and other dark colors as a statement and symbol of their beliefs -- thus Embracing themselves in a culture of anti-fashion and anti-commercialism.

While those are similarities, there are differences between Goths and metalheads. Goths fashion themselves in a more mysterious, exotic, and complex manner. While some metal heads fashion themselves a more aggressive style with spikes & biker gear. And whether Goths and Metalheads dress the part for shock value, devotion, or just because... is besides the point.  It gives them the freedom to look the part, and feel more powerful, mysterious & shadowing.  And is suiting to their music, their nature, their beliefs, and their whole way of being.

More these days one will find crossovers between Goth & Heavy Metal subcultures, not only with gear and fashion, but also with music. Below we put together a list of our favorite Goth and heavy metal contacts that can bring your look or statement to the next level. From Industrial metal -to- Deathrocker Goth, and Doom metal -to- Metalhead Goth.  And whether you're headbanging from the crowd, singing on stage, moshing in a pit, or just lounging at a goth club, you will find some of these contacts synergistic to your look.

Don't fall victim to others! Our FX contacts are high quality, FDA cleared, and a prescription verification process in place that's 'Eye Care Professional' friendly.