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  • Doom Monster Contact Lenses - Create horrifying monster makeups with hellish-born eyes. Great for Halloween, SFX or attending cosplay as Hellnight, Pinky, Cyberdemon, or Baron of Hell
  • Nun Demon Makeup Idea
  • Charred Devil girl SFX makeup idea.
  • Mummy makeup effect idea.
  • Wicked clown SFX makeup effect idea.
  • Grim Reaper makeup effect idea.
Brand Info - Pricing - Requirement - Availability:
Gothika brand lenses usually ship within 1-2 business days. Each order comes with a Lens Case, Wear & Care Instruction sheet, and Lens Vials(1 Lens per vial) immersed in buffered saline solution USP. Single lens selection available.

NOTE: For Quantity field above, leave as "1" whether ordering 1 single lens or ordering a pair of lenses(right & left eye).

Our lenses are FDA-Cleared, with the *VerifyMyLenses stamp of approval*, so you can feel safe that you're getting the best. Prescription verification's on sales; provide your eye care provider's info, or wherever you had a contact lens fitting in an email you'll receive upon order. International customers are not required to provide us with any of this info. Read below to learn more, or Click here to contact us with any questions.

** Click here for International Customers Information **

*Product Details:

The *DOOMED Creatures Story*:

You may be a child of the most high, but you are constricted & controlled within this realm.  For this is Satan's world, my child.  And these eight creatures posted below are 'god's(little g's)' direct progenitors carrying out his insatiable will.  The time is now for 'error-correction' of the rotten souls that exist within his domain.  Each one of his minion's on an unstoppable path to correct all the sinners of this world.  And for the lucky one's, maybe Satan himself will come for them.  But will they come for you!?...

...Well, have you been messing with Ouija boards?.. Or summoning demons within 5-pointed pentagrams?..  You blaspheme the dead while visiting a cemetery?.. You consort with people that practice the black arts?.. How about casting bad spells on people?.. Or maybe passing unjust judgement on people?.. Or have you brought harm to the disabled or the less fortunate?.. Either way, you have been knocking on the Devils door.  See, life's a mirror, my child.  That mirror broke and is crashing back onto you. You want to do 'om'?.. No problem!.. for you are NOW infinitely 'DOOMED'.

These creatures below are your dirty reflection.  And they are just 'dying' to meet back up with you.  It's time to meet your fate, my dear child -- and say 'hell-low' to one of your worst nightmares..  The "god of this world" loves to physically manifest himself as any of these eight creatures, and defaulting to Satan himself.  They all have different names, yet all stemmed from the same name, and same 'infinite source'.  They all vibe with the same hellish, hateful eyes(which spell doom); because ultimately, they are all controlled from the same 'hidden hand'.

Slither your way into the 9th circle of hell, being met at each level by one of these hideous creatures, and finally, Satan, himself.  These eight diabolical monsters have everything to do with death, and nothing to do with life.  These are 'the Devil's henchman' carrying out his program, and serve as the perfect representation of the most wicked makeup effects, and the true nature of tapping into the core, spiritual essence of hell.  Featured makeups, from top-left to bottom-right, showcased as: 1. Blackened Charred Devil.  2. Valak, Hell's President.  3. Brain-Eating Zombie. 4. IT's Supreme Demon Overlord.  5. Grim Reaper, The Lord of Death.  6. Re-awakened Evil Egyptian Mummy.  7. Infected Rage-Virus Zombie.  8. Psychopath Possessed Joker Killer.

Doom Makeup Effects Ideas with FX contact lenses

Product Information:

So, are you willing to play "the monster"?.. or play "the fool"?.. Times up!  Which side did you pick?.. Did you decide to be forever tormented, possessed, or consumed by one of these evil entities?... or would you rather look like you crawled straight out from the 'pits of hell' with monstrous, red-orange eyes that'll surely make all mere-mortals run away in total fear!  Introducing Gothika Doom FX contact lenses.  These hellish-born eyes make the perfect fit for: demons, devils, zombies, evil ghosts or any variety of mythological monsters.

Accentuate your horrifying creature makeups this Halloween, film, stage acts, SFX makeup artists, or just to scare the living daylights out of your loved ones.  These fiiery, red-orange eyes are a perfect fit for your next cosplay event paying homage to any of the "genetically engineered monsters" from the classic Doom Film -or- Video Game, such as: Hellnight, Pinky, Cyberdemon, or Baron of Hell.

Lens Details:

        • Brand: Gothika
        • Quality: Ultra Comfortable, High-Quality, Long-Lasting, Durable Lenses
        • Trust Level: FDA-Cleared & Approved
        • Material Content: Polymacon 62%, Water 38%(soft contact lenses)
        • DK Value(oxygen permeability): 18
        • Life Span: 1 year after opening vial(s).
        • Available Powers: 0.00(non-corrective/plano).
        • Base Curve: 8.6
        • Diameter: 14.5
        • Pupil Size: 5.0

Package Details:

        • Gothika Doom FX Contact Lenses(62% Polymacon / 38% Water)
        • Lens Vials - (1 Lens per vial)
        • Instruction Care Sheet
        • FREE Lens Case

Additional Lens Info:

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