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Demon Contacts

Demon Contact Lenses - Hellish eyes of demons from myth, folklore, hell itself, and movie-inspired demonic forces.If you're a 'true horror fan', then you relish the horror-stricken scenes in demonic films when someone's eyes under posession transition from human to demonic. You probably remember these spine-chilling moments from films such as The Exorcist, Evil Dead, Night of the Demons, or from TV shows such as Supernatural and Constantine.

Whether told of in religion, mythology, folklore, or movies; demons are fallen angels that resonate with pure evil.  And these unclean spirits dictate hell though there eyes; from movie-inspired demons to mythological demons, and Black Eye Demons to Deal Maker Demons.  Below you'll find demon contact lenses connected to many famous demons -- names such as Lilith, Pazuzu, Succubus, Incubus and more.

Whatever demon you emulate, this wide selection will make it easy for you to pair with many demonic costumes and makeup effects.  From SFX makeup artists to Halloween costumes, you can have a lot of fun creating evil & hellish looking demons.  Also great fun for scaring the crap out of people.

Don't fall victim to others! Our FX contacts are high quality, FDA cleared, and a prescription verification process in place that's 'Eye Care Professional' friendly.