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  • White Wolf Halloween Contact Lenses - Specialty FX contacts can be custom made to suit corrections from -20 to + 20 Rx -- and fit for Angels to Aliens and Ghosts -to Demigods.
  • Personify Logan for Halloween, or cosplay, and possesses animal-keen senses, with enhanced physical capabilities.  Top off this grisly look with his signature claws and a pair of Arctic wolf FX contacts.
  • Wolf Girl Makeup Idea paired with Arctic white special effects contacts for a simple and fast, yet a charming look.

Arctic Wolf Gothika Custom Lens - Rx

$74.95 $64.95
(You save $10.00)

These Gothika Specialty Corrective lenses range from -20 to +20 Rx, and have to be *custom-made* per order to fit your Rx(Correction). So please allow 2-3 weeks for shipment.

Click here for the *Non-Corrective(0.0)/Plano* version of this lens.

Brand Info - Pricing - Requirement - Availability:

Initial price listed above is "priced per lens" giving you freedom to buy single lenses to "Mix and Match" for unique creations with other lenses, or for "single-eye" makeup and costume effects.

Gothika Custom(Rx) brand lenses are "custom-made" per order, and usually ship within 5-7 days. Each order comes with a FREE Lens Case, Wear & Care Instruction sheet, and Lens Vials(1 Lens per vial) immersed in buffered saline solution USP.

NOTE: For Quantity field above, leave as "1" whether ordering 1 single lens or ordering a pair of lenses(right & left eye).

Our lenses are FDA-Cleared, with the *VerifyMyLenses stamp of approval*, so you can feel safe that you're getting the best. Prescription verification's on sales; provide your eye care provider's info, or wherever you had a contact lens fitting in an email you'll receive upon order. International customers are not required to provide us with any of this info. Read below to learn more, or Click here to contact us with any questions.

** Click here for International Customers Information **

*Product Details:

Product Information:

An'unnatural force', a vengeance is boiling within you.  Wanting to break out.. wanting to escape.. and wanting to tear itself right through you.  You cannot stop it!..  for it's will is too strong for your meek soul.  It will awake from the dead of night, and want to kill the light.  And when it does, it will force you down on all floors, and "the beast" will then tear itself through your flesh.

So, be prepared for the next full moon for that minute of transformation will feel like an eternity of torturous pain.  The 'scent of blood' will activate an unfathomable hunger.  But after your first victim, you'll experience a godly power, freedom, and physical sensations that you never have.  And like a magnet, you will instantly look up to the moon goddess, and let out a long, loud howl.  ARH-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

These icy, white-branded eyes are as cold as the heart of "the beast" that wears them.  Giving off an inhuman-like, animalistic quality which make them the perfect fit for werewolves.  And vibing well with a variety of other genres: from Angelic beings to ancient aliens and white-walkers -to- mythological Gods & Goddesses, these 'otherworldly' eyes are sure to enhance your makeup and costume effects.

Slip in a pair of Arctic Wolf Gothika FX lenses and be prepared to flicker into another dimension.  Whether floating above the world to project your power over mere mortals... or rooting down to a lower realm as a werewolf to consume mere mortals, the choice is yours.

Lens Details:

        • Brand: Gothika Custom
        • Quality: Ultra Comfortable, High-Quality, Long-Lasting, Durable Lenses
        • Manufacturer: Orion Vision, Marietta, GA.
        • Trust Level: FDA-Cleared & Approved
        • Material Content: Polymacon 62%, Water 38%(soft contact lenses)
        • DK Value(oxygen permeability): 18
        • Life Span: 1 year after opening vial(s).
        • Available Powers: -0.25 through -20.00 in 0.25D steps.  And +0.25 through +20.00 in 0.25D steps.
        • Base Curve: 8.6
        • Diameter: 14.5
        • Pupil Size: 5.0

Package Details:

        • Gothika Artic Wolf Custom Specialty Contact Lenses(62% Polymacon / 38% Water)
        • Lens Vials - (1 Lens per vial)
        • Instruction Care Sheet
        • FREE Lens Case

Additional Lens Info:

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