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Alien Contacts

Alien Contact LensesThere are around 30 different humanoid alien species catalogued, many of whom are our direct progenitors. This was revealed from classified documents, ufoligists, and whistle-blowers. Some investigators even claim aliens may be 'US' from the future.

Many of these higher conscious beings have powers above & beyond what 'we' can do. They can remote view, tap into dimensions beyond 5D, and travel & communicate through linear space/time trans-dimensionally instantaneously by thought alone.

On your next alien invasion, alien convention, ET party, or UFO space-flight; pay homage to your galatic family by slipping in some alien contact lenses.  Many colors, styles, and alien races to pair with your favorite makeup or costume effects; from beautiful to eccentric, and angelic to out-right evil.  Some fictitious, some real, but all equally fun.  Featuring custom-made alien contacts for movies, theater, and SFX, -to- economical versions for Halloween or fun.

Don't fall victim to others! Our FX contacts are high quality, FDA cleared, and a prescription verification process in place that's 'Eye Care Professional' friendly.