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  • Custom SFX Cerberus Sclera Contact lenses -- Damn yourself to the netherworld with these diabolical, fiery eyes -- sure to accentuate your hell-bound costumes & makeup effects.

Cerberus Custom SFX Sclera Lens - Rx

$239.97 $179.97
(You save $60.00)
Brand Info - Pricing - Requirement - Availability:

Initial price listed above is "priced per lens" giving you freedom to buy single lenses to "Mix and Match" for unique creations with other lenses, or for "single-eye" makeup and costume effects.

Custom SFX brand lenses are "custom-designed/hand-painted" per order, so allow 3 to 5 weeks for shipment. No returns or exchanges on Custom SFX. Comes with FREE lens case, wear & care Instruction sheet, and lens vials(1 Lens per vial).

NOTE: For Quantity field above, leave as "1" whether ordering 1 lens or a pair of lenses.

All of our conatact lenses are FDA Cleared, and require a valid contact lens prescription. Please provide your Eye Care provider's(name, phone#, and your DOB), or wherever you had a contact lens fitting in the comment section of our order conformation page. International Customers are NOT required to provide us with this info., and can order without doing so. Read below to learn more, or Click here to contact us with any questions.

** Click here for International Customers Information **

*Product Details:

Product Information:

Your duty is to prevent the dead from escaping and the living from entering the underworld.  So slip in some 'Custom SFX Cerberus Sclera Contacts', and get ready to guard the gates of "eternal damnation" like the hellhound you are.

These custom lenses are hand-painted with intricate details for a more professional and dramatic appeal, featuring a pitch-black sclera lens with yellow sun-burst inner iris and orange flame-like outer iris with red streaking accents for a fiery, hellish-like appeal.

Damn yourself to the "netherworld" with these diabolical, fiendish special effects lenses for: Halloween, cosplay, theatre, movies, body painting, anime expo, haunt attraction, costume party, anything horror, or just to make an impact!

Lens Details:

        • Brand: Custom SFX
        • Quality: High-Quality, Long-Lasting, Durable Lenses
        • Trust Level: FDA-Cleared & Approved.
        • Material Content: Methafilcon 55%, Water 45%(soft contact lenses)
        • Life Span: 1 year after opening vial(s).
        • Available Powers: 0.00(non-corrective/plano) through -6.00 in 0.25D steps.
        • Base Curve: 9.0
        • Diameter: 22.0

Package Details:

        • Custom SFX Cerberus Sclera Contact Lenses(55% Methafilcon / 45% Water)
        • Lens Vials - (1 Lens per vial)
        • Instruction Care Sheet
        • FREE Lens Case

Additional Lens Info:

We are proud to offer you the options of purchasing single lenses -- so if you want to 'Mix' & 'Match' for unique creations with other style lenses, or just want that 'single-eyed' make-up effect, you have the freedom to do so.  This is why all of of special FX contacts are priced per lens.

Custom SFX contacts are a popular brand, highly reputable in the industry, and worn by tens of thousands of people every year.  As opposed to other theatrical/FX lenses that are machine stamped, these fine quality lenses are *custom-made / hand-painted*, adding for a much better quality lens with a more intricate design and movie-quality appeal, providing for a more realistic & professional look.

Custom SFX lenses are commonly used in the film and entertainment industry, Halloween businesses, the beauty industry, and even by Eye Doctors.  These professional styled lenses are ideal for special effects makeup artists, movie production, theatre performancebody painters, Halloween, haunts, cosplay, raves, costume parties, anime events, Goth clubs, or just to make an impact!

Custom SFX Contact Lenses

Made up of 55% Methafilcon material, Custom SFX lenses are both flexible and durable offering strength and damage resistance.  This unique polymer gel-like material is constructed to better conform with the natural shape of your eyes. The remaining portion of the lenses are made up of 45% water providing optimal hydration for your eyes for ultra comfort and long wear duration for a sclera based lens with a 22.0 mm DIA, however these sclera based lenses should NOT be worn for more than a few hours at a time without taking a break -- meaning these lenses cover the majority of the eye, including a large part of the sclera -- so it is important that you give your eyes time to breath.  And it is also important that you check with your "Eye Care Professional" about what your wear-time duration should be as every one's eyes are different.  With proper care, Custom SFX lenses can be kept for up to one (1) year of occasional use after opening the vial(s).

Don't fall victim to others!  Our custom SFX contacts are high quality, FDA-cleared, unmatched costs, ultra comfortable, and safe to wear with proper care and use.  A True Win..Win..Win..Win..Win!

Custom SFX lenses are cleared through the FDA, and we're in full compliance with the Federal Contact Lens Rule.  BEWARE of buying contact lenses elsewhere if they do not ask for a prescription or seek approval from your Eye Care Provider -or- wherever you got a "contact lens fitting" -- because they're selling them illegally.  Plus, you don't know what you're getting if they haven't been approved by the FDA. In which case, their lenses can be made in China with cheap materials that can be damaging to one's eyes & vision. Bottom Line: Don't take chances with your EYES!

** VerifyMyLenses - Automated Prescription/Approval Verification Process:

Verify My Lenses Verification Process for Theatrical Contact Lenses

For USA customers, all contact lenses are classified as medical devices by the FDA, and require that we seek approval from your "Eye Care Professional" -or- "Eye Care Provider" -or- wherever you had a "Contact Lens Fitting".  This is FDA Law.  International Customers and are NOT required to go through this process.

If you're a USA customer and you've NEVER worn contacts?.. or Don't have an Eye Care Provider?.. then you need a "Contact Lens Fitting".  Read "* But Wait!!" section below as we can help you get a "Contact Lens Fitting" in the easiest, fastest, and most cost-efficient way possible.

We've made it easy as possible for USA customers with an automated Prescription/Approval Process that's eye care professional friendly -&- keeps the customer informed every step of the way.  We have the  'stamp of approval' which has investigated each of our brand lenses to make sure that they are 'cleared & legal' by the FDA.  So you can feel safe and be sure you're getting FDA-Approved lenses. is also a compete system that handles the Prescription/Approval process for our customers.  It has a 'built-in tool' that keeps the customer connected on up-to-the-minute status of the verification process.

After you order your lenses from us, VerifyMyLenses will immediately e-mail you a short form for you to input your Eye Care Provider's information.  VerifyMyLenses will then reach out to them to get the Prescription/Approval.  Once we get approval, we will start processing your order.  If your 'Eye Care Provider' does not respond to within 8 business hours after being contacted, Federal law states that we are allowed to ship you your contact lenses.

* But Wait!! I've NEVER worn contacts.. and Don't have an Eye Care Provider..

What you need to do is get a "Contact Lens Fitting" with an eye care provider or eye care professional -- even if ordering non-corrective lenses or have perfect vision.  The information from your contact lens fitting will be on file in their office and will be used in the prescription/approval process when verifies this with them. If you've done this, go ahead and order your lenses.

NEED HELP with getting a CONTACT LENS FITTING?  Then contact us by clicking here as we can help you get a "contact lens fitting" in the easiest, fastest, and most cost-efficient way possible.  Just provide us with your "Address" & "Contact Lenses" you're interested in.

* International Orders:

We currently ship our lenses to most major countries, and are in the process of adding additional countries.  However, if we do not currently ship to your country, you can contact us and ask if we can add your country.  For International orders, by law, we are Not required to verify a prescription -or- contact lens fitting from your Eye Care Provider -or- Eye Care Professional.  Please visit our International Customers page for more information.

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